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Underfloor Heating by Easy Warm Floor

A leader in manufacturing of Electric Underfloor Heating

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Easy Warm Floor Electric high quality underfloor heating that can be installed under any type of Flooring, such as concrete, tile, and wood.

Easy Warm Floor's main underfloor heating systems are the QuickMat and NetMat:

  • Quickmat has aluminum strips which are used easily shape the mat while leaving 75% of the floor surface free for tile adhesive. The QuickMat is ideal for under tile or stone flooring projects. It is Self-adhesive, which makes the installation much easier and faster
  • Netmat has flexible fiberglass mesh used to easily shape the mat. The NetMat is ideal for under carpet, wood, ect. flooring projects. The NetMat is self-adhesive making installation simple.

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Easy Warm Floor electric underfloor heating system utilizes a floor temperature-sensing thermostat, which contains a 16-Amp By choosing the proper voltage we can accommodate up to 24 m2 on a single thermostat.

  • Easy Warm Floor's 100 W/m2 electric underfloor heating system can be used for Comfortable Floor Heating.
  • Easy Warm Floor's 150 W/m2 electric underfloor heating system can be used for Primary Floor Heating in houses.
  • Easy Warm Floor's 200 W/m2 electric underfloor heating system that can be used as Primary source of heat.

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Our Most Popular Underfloor Heating Packages

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Product Picture
2 sq/m with 200 watts per sq/m
3 sq/m with 200 watts per sq/m
3.9 sq/m with 200 watts per sq/m
5.4 sq/m with 200 watts per sq/m
25 sq/m with 200 watts per sq/m
Touch Screen Thermostat
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